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M.Sc. Molecular Cell Biology

M.Sc. Molecular Cell Biology

The Department of Biology together with the Faculty of Medicine and the Faculty of Agriculture offer a two-year Master of Science in Molecular Cell Biology for graduate students with a background in life sciences such as biology, biochemistry, molecular medicine or agriculture.
In general, Molecular Cell Biology unveils the molecular processes that rule development, physiology, but also underlie disease mechanisms. The Master in Molecular Cell Biology in Bonn is a research oriented program that offers a broad spectrum of state-of-the-art methods and approaches to decipher molecular and cellular mechanisms. The program language is English, and our mission is to prepare our students for a career in life sciences and related professions.

Program Structure

The two-year master program has a modular structure. The first semester consists of mandatory modules with lectures and seminars about biochemistry, molecular genetics, developmental biology and physiology, molecular cell biology and biophysics and statistics. The mandatory basic course prepares the students for the elective modules in the following semester providing fundamental practical experience of molecular biological techniques.

Next to the elective modules, the second semester includes teacher seminars, where students are introduced into the scientific community in Bonn. In our soft skills course, students learn structured writing of long scientific texts such as master's thesis and they will also learn how to conduct literature research, as well as designing Powerpoint presentations and posters. Furthermore, students will get an insight into current research during journal clubs and the Teachers Seminar.

The praxis-oriented third semester consists of two lab rotations and a project exchange, which also allows students to do an internship outside the university. Furthermore, students practice presentation skills, presenting their own project during the students presentations. In the last semester, students can completely focus on their master thesis.

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Elective Modules

In the second semester, students have to sign up for four elective modules. In total, there are 25 elective modules to choose from. A detailed description of each module can be found in the module handbook.

Module handbook

The module handbook provides detailed information about the modules taught during the M.Sc. Molecular Cell Biology program.

Examination Regulations

The examination regulations are available in German and English. Please find the official announcements as well as the current reading version below.

Semester organization

Timetables, current information, forms and an overview about examinations in mandatory modules can be found at the information platform in eCampus.

Program coordination

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