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Fachgruppe Biologie

Terms of Use


Access to the equipment is generally granted on a first-come, first-served basis. Reservation requires phoning or emailing the contact person in charge.

Access is generally restricted to regular office hours. The directors of the sections may grant access to fully trained individuals outside normal office hours and/or on weekends. Emergency contact numbers are posted in the laboratory.


Relevant safety training will be provided by the respective sections. This includes handling of chemicals, safe operation of instruments, emergency procedures, biological safety (S1, S2), X-ray safety, and laser safety where required.

Cancellation & Tardiness

Cancellation: If for any reason a session cannot be attended, it is the user's responsibility to notify the facility staff in a timely fashion to open time slots for other users.

Tardiness: If a user does not show up 30 min after the start of the booked time slot, the reservation will be lost; the slot is then open to other users. Without notification of the staff in charge, nonappearance will be fully billed for the entire booked period.

Access & Fees

The director of the individual unit is responsible for granting the specific conditions of access. This can be either in the form of a scientific collaboration without charges or in the form of standardized fees as specified here.

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