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For first-time users of the facility’s microscopes a training by the local operators is mandatory. The minimum training time is determined by the respective section depending on the chosen system.

Sample preparation

Depending on the preparation techniques required and the frequency a specific protocol is to be applied, sample preparation will either be performed by the local staff or the users after training and instructions.

Consultation and assistance in experimental design

We provide assistance to potential new users to make an informed decision as to which microscopic or preparation technique is suitable for a given project. We will advise about potential pitfalls, results, operating time required and compatibility with the specimen or conditions required by the specific project.


Independent operation of devices of the facility by regular users

The directors of the facility may allow sufficiently experienced users to operate the instruments independently at their own discretion, provided users have been registered and instructed and comply with the policies of the facility.

Assistance in acquiring microscopic images

The users may wish to book supervision of their microscope operation in case of problems, systematic testing or in case of establishing new macros.

Microscope operation and image acquisition by staff of the facility (for one-time and occasional users).

Electron microscopy in general and particularly the STEM-mode usually require operation of the device by expert staff of the facility. For most effective sessions, presence of the facility’s staff may be recommended, to give the users advice regarding selection of most suitable settings.

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