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Current cooperations (alphabetical):

 Prof. Dr. Gerd Bendas (Pharmaceutical Institute, University of Bonn, Germany): Protein-membrane interactions with synthetic-membrane models

 Dr. Gareth Griffiths (University of Oslo, Norway): Electron microscopy of infected cells

Dr. Thomas Gutsmann (Research Center Borstel, Germany): Biophysical analysis of the interaction of putative virulence factors from Rhodococcus equi with model membranes

Dr. Hartmut Niemann (University of Bielefeld, Germany): Crystallization of rhodococcal virulence factors

Dr. Paul Saftig (University of Kiel, Germany): Roles of transmembrane lysosome proteins in phagosome-lysosome fusion

Dr. Ulrich Schaible (Borstel Research Centre, Borstel, Germany): Biogenesis of Rhodococcus- or Mycobacterium-containing phagosomes

Dr. Olaf Utermoehlen / Dr. Martin Krönke (Institute for Medical Microbiology and Hygiene, University of Köln, Germany): Phagosome biogenesis in macrophages; phagosome biogenesis in ASMase knock out mice


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